Transit Elevated


  • TEB at City of Zhoukou

    On December 30th, 2015, TEB Technology signed strategic agreement with city government of Zhoukou in Henan Province, where the first R&D and industrial base will be established. The city is going build 120KM of TEB lanes to integrate with the city transit system to serve its 10 million population in the city. The research and development of TEB and the preparation of industrial base is currently moving forward smoothly.

  • Integrated With City Transit System

    TEB is an invention that integrates the advantages of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and subway and it is designed for the busy traffic roads of cities.The total length of TEB is 54 meters, the height is 4.5-4.7 meters and the width is 7.8 meters, TEB contains four compartments, and the length of each compartment is 12 meters. TEB can be deployed for roads with bi-directional six lanes or four lanes.TEB occupies the left two lanes of the road while shuttles,vans and special vehicles could use the lane on the right side.

  • High Efficiency and Low Carbon Urban Transit

    TEB utilizes upper space resources and could reduce 25% to 35% of congestion caused by BRT and normal buses directly or indirectly. Each TEB could carry 1200-1400 passengers. Based on 40 vehicles and 40 km round-trip, it could carry about 400,000 passengers daily. Also TEB is completely driven by electronic power.

  • TIME Innovention Award

    It manages to put even more people on the roads of China, without displacing any other cars, it is partially solar-powered and it costs less than a subway –all factors that lead NewsFeed to believe that the straddling bus just might be the best invention of 2010. Maybe even all time...

  • TEB Presentation

    In the presentation, main functions and features was demonstrated to the audience.

  • Need More Information?

    For more information about TEB technologies, you may email us at [email protected], or press the link below ...

TEB in Production

The TEB project team has been working with numbers of industry partners, professional research institutions and universities such as Siemens, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation.

Win-win Cooperation